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Cute Cat Eye Sunglasses · Leopard Mark JF169

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Unleash your wild side with Jefoo Leopard Mark sunglasses, a fabulous blend of elegance and boldness. The cat-eye frames, adorned with a daring leopard pattern and combined with transparent white crystal details in the lower, evoke the agility and speed of a leopard on the prairie. Just as a leopard's eyes pierce the night, these sunglasses feature mirrored polarized lenses in pink with an amber hue, offering a unique style and superior UV protection. Imagine the powerful wild cat stalking its prey, legs bending in the brush, its rosette coat shimmering in the shadows. These sunglasses capture that untamed spirit. Perfect for the fashionista who dares to embody the essence of this magnificent predator. These shades are more than an accessory—they are a statement of wild, untamed grace.

Adorable Leopard Mark 

These cat eye sunglasses have a frame adorned with a cute leopard print, whispering the jungle's marvel while exuding urban cuteness.  transparent white crystal lower part infuses a touch of innocence, creating a contrast with the wild motif. Perfect for the audacious fashionista, they are an ideal accessory for any fearless trendsetter.

Enhanced Visual Clarity

These sunglasses, with their mirrored pink polarized lenses, not only are a state of the art but also deliver exceptional eye protection. They seamlessly elevate your visual experience, filtering out glare and enhancing clarity. From driving and fishing to shopping and travel, these sunnies reduce strain and allow you to see the world with a sharper perspective.

Eco-Conscious Craftsmanship

Handcrafted from sustainable acetate, These Leopard Mark sunglasses epitomize a commitment to both fashion and environmental stewardship. The Eco conscious material offers a lightweight yet robust frame, providing a comfortable fit that is gentle on the earth and on the wearer, harmonizing a sense of responsibility with a flair for the fashionable.

Superior UV Protection

Protect your eyes with these UV400 lenses, designed to shield against dangerous UVA and UVB rays. These sunglasses are not just a personality statement but a defense mechanism against solar radiation. Whether you are exploring nature trails or obsessed with outdoor sports, these shades ensure that your eyes are safeguarded. 

Embedded Core-wire

The temple of these shades features premium core-wire for enhanced fit and adjustable detail. Its edges are gracefully rounded, softened, and meticulously polished, ensuring both comfort and a pleasing aesthetic. Each pair of Leopard Mark cat eye sunglasses is a statement piece, which pays homage to the past while cherishing the present.

Cute Cat Eye Sunglasses Leopard Mark JF169 Specifications:

Weight 25.6g
Lens width:  53mm
Bridge: 18mm
Arm length: 137mm
Material: TR90 frames, TAC Polarized lens
UV400 protection coating
Leopard Mark

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