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Elegant Aviator Sunglasses · Flamingo Pink JF119

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Jefoo elegant flamingo pink aviator sunglasses create a color combination with a polished pure white frame finish and vivid mirrored flamingo pink polarized lenses, which reflect the enchanting beauty of flamingo feathers. Just as flamingos captivate with their brilliant pink plumage and stilt-like legs, these sunglasses embody a striking and natural charm. Flamingos, with their S-shaped necks and peculiar grace, seem too extraordinary to be real. Their every movement is a graceful act. Much like the bird's flamboyant elegance, these sunglasses present a bold and unique style that is as eye-catching as it is refine.

Flamingo Pink Hues

Take the elegance of Jefoo flamingo pink aviator sunglasses, which feature a smooth pure white frame and mirrored polarized lenses. The mild ballad slipper pink lenses with a watermelon hue echo the enchanting gradient of flamingo feathers, imparting a hint of vivacious grace to your look. Crafted with precision, Jefoo sunglasses merge style and functionality effortlessly.

Enjoy Picnic Time

Jefoo aviator sunglasses offer you protection for picnicking. The iconic flamingo design, with its round-shaped lenses, provides extensive coverage to protect your eyes, making it easier to read, play games, or simply relax with friends and family. Jefoo's lightweight TR90 frame ensures a comfortable fit for a long time wearing, allowing you to move freely while engaging in various picnic activities. Whether you're lounging on a blanket or playing catch, Jefoo aviator sunglasses is your must-have accessory at picnic time.

High-Quality Lenses

Designed for perfection, Jefoo aviator sunglasses are equipped with premium polarized lenses that provide 99.9% UV400 protection, effectively filtering out harmful rays and glares. The high-quality TAC, including durable metal hinges and comfortable nose pads, ensure a reliable and stress-free wearing experience, making them an essential accessory for your outdoor adventures.

Hypoallergenic shades

With a slim fashion design, Jefoo sunglasses feature high-end arms that accentuate the chic aesthetic. Jefoo lightweight TR90 arms are hypoallergenic, meaning it is less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to some other materials used in eyewear, making it essential for those who have sensitive skin.

Flamboyant and Risk-Free

Inspired by the flamboyant nature of flamingos, Jefoo aviator sunglasses bring a unique charm to your style. Whether you are driving, camping or beach Outings, Jefoo high-definition lenses provide you with crystal clear vision. Rest assured in the quality of your purchase. These sunglasses are designed with durability in mind, and any issues can be promptly addressed by contacting the seller. 

Elegant Aviator Sunglasses Flamingo Pink JF119 Specifications:

Weight 18.3g
Lens width:  50mm
Bridge: 15mm
Arm length: 140mm
Material: TR90 frames, UV400 protection lenses, skin-friendly silicone nose pads.
Color: Flamingo Pink

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