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Sports Square Sunglasses · Crystal Mint JF179

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Jefoo Crystal Mint sunglasses own a striking color combination, reminiscent of the vibrant hues of a parrot fish. The purple lenses, tinged with pink, evoke the iridescent colors found in coral reefs, where parrot fish display their electric blues, vivid pinks, and radiant greens. The soft nose pad and adjustable temple tips ensure a comfortable fit and stability. These sunglasses capture the essence of the parrot fish’s dazzling scale, sparkling among the myriad species that inhabit the reef. These sunglasses offer style and functionality, transforming your look with their unique ocean color combination, bringing brilliance to your everyday ensemble.

Dazzling Crystal Mint Frames

The crystal mint TR90 frame of our square sunglasses gleams with an enchanting freshness. Paired with purple lenses that shimmer with pink hues, these glasses evoke a vibrant essence, much like the colorful scales of a parrotfish. The color injection technology used prevents fading, keeping your eyewear as lively as the day you got them.

Polarized Anti-Glare Lenses

Our designer sunglasses for women feature polarized lenses that eliminate glare from reflective surfaces like pavement, snow, or water. This anti-glare feature ensures that your view remains unobstructed and crisp, akin to the clear, serene reflections of a moonset on water. These lenses provide not only protection but also an enhanced visual experience, keeping your eyes relaxed and comfortable.

UV Protection Shield

Exposure to harsh UV rays can harm your vision, but these lenses offer superior protection by blocking over 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. This safeguard allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without compromising your sight. The world is as vivid and clear as the underwater hues of the parrot fish, thanks to the advanced technology in our lenses.

Elegant and Functional Design

Designed with a unique semi-round square frame, these shades add a flattering lift to your face. Crafted from high-quality plastic, these oversized frames are lightweight and durable, reducing pressure on your nose, and making them perfect for extended wear.

Quality hinge

The quality combo kit hinge prevents screws from coming loose, ensuring smooth opening and closing. The adjustable temple tips ensure a personalized fit, making them as comfortable as they are stylish. these sunglasses combine elegance with functionality, seamlessly fitting into your everyday life while offering practical benefits.

Sports Square Sunglasses Crystal Mint JF179 Specifications:

Weight 26.2g
Lens width:  50mm
Bridge: 18mm
Arm length:


Material: TR90 frames, TAC Polarized lens
UV400 protection coating
Color: Crystal Mint


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