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Stylish Aviator Sunglasses · Leopard Purple JF119

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Bringing forward Jefoo exquisite leopard purple Aviator Sunglasses, where functionality meets wild style. Featuring a leopard pattern TR90 frame in a dull polish purple, Jefoo sunglasses are lightweight flexible, and durable. Jefoo mirrored purple TAC polarized lenses infuse an element of mystery and flair as well as providing excellent glare reduction. The leopard fur classic pattern adorning the frame, embodies the powerful symbolism of the leopard—strength, confidence, and agility. In ancient cultures, leopards are celebrated for their magnificent fur and incredible agility, Engrave the spirit of this majestic animal with Jefoo leopard purple aviator sunglasses, a stylish and meaningful addition to your accessory collection.

Safari Aviator Shades

Jefoo leopard purple aviator sunglasses are an essential companion for your safari adventure, providing both practical and stylish benefits in the wild. Jefoo classic design offers optimal protection against the harsh glare of the African sun, ensuring your vision remains clear while you marvel at the majestic wildlife, enhancing your ability to spot elusive creatures and enjoy the breathtaking scenery in vivid detail. Additionally, the durable build of Jefoo aviator sunglasses can withstand the rugged conditions of a safari, from bumpy jeep rides to sudden weather changes. 

Distinct leopard Frame

Jefoo aviators feature a durable TR90 frame, captivating leopard fur pattern. Leopards, revered in various cultures, symbolize power, agility, and independence. The embedded leopard fur pattern on Jefoo aviators not only adds a unique aesthetic but also embodies the essence of the leopard's mystique to your styles

Polarized Protection Lenses

Equipped with polarized TAC Lenses, Jefoo sunglasses reduce glare and enhance visual clarity as well as safeguarding your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, offering 100% UV400 protection,  The mirrored purple lenses not only correspond to the leopard frame but also enhance your overall look with a bit of mystery, making them perfect for driving, hiking and other outdoor activities. 

Cultural Symbolism and Power

In many traditions, leopards are seen as divine creatures, representing strength and resilience.  By donning Jefoo aviators, you channel the leopard's essence. Wear Jefoo leopard pattern shades, adorned with the leopard motif, carrying a piece of this powerful symbolism, inspiring confidence and boldness in every step.

Embrace Inner Strength

For those who identify with the leopard spirit animal, Jefoo sunglasses serve as a reminder of personal strength and intuition. The leopard symbolizes courage, adaptability, and a keen sense of awareness. embracing your individuality and navigating life with a sense of purpose and determination. Let these sunglasses be a testament to your inner strength and style.

Stylish Aviator Sunglasses Leopard Purple JF119 Specifications:

Weight 18.3g
Lens width:  50mm
Bridge: 15mm
Arm length: 140mm
Material: TR90 frames, UV400 protection lenses, skin-friendly silicone nose pads.
Color: Leopard Purple

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