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Stylish Fishing Sunglasses · Magenta Turquoise JF139

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    Dive into the vibrant space of fishing with Jefoo magenta turquoise stylish fishing sunglasses. These shades feature a stunning green turquoise tone frame that’s both lightweight and durable. Jefoo Turquoise sunglasses frames captivate with their lively green-blue hues, symbolizing sky, sea, and ancient traditions from Native American sacred stones to Egyptian symbols of fertility and protection. Jefoo polarized lenses are mirrored magenta, offering a notable blend of style and superior glare reduction. Jefoo sunnies are also designed with a comfortable rubber nose pad for your long period sea fishing trips.

    Enhance Vision Comfortably

    Elevate your fishing experience with Jefoo stylish Magenta-Turquoise shades. Jefoo polarized fishing sunglasses are meticulously designed to enhance and protect your vision on the water. Jefoo TR90 frame are made from a lightweight and highly durable material that is resistant to corrosion from sweat and seawater. The TAC polarized lenses feature a mirrored magenta purple hue that not only looks fabulous but also help you to see fish more clearly through the water.  

    Performance Meets Style

    Jefoo sunnies are equipped with polarized lenses are a must-have for anyone spending hours outdoors, particularly on the water. Your eyes are crucial to your outdoor adventures, and selecting a pair of Jefoo polarized sunglasses can dramatically impact your success and protect your eye as well as meets your requirement, whether for fishing, driving, or cycling.  

    Inspired by Nature

    Understanding the unique demands of close to nature life, Jefoo crafted a series of color combination for the shades from jewel, gemstone and crystal. These sunglasses TR90 frames boasts a gorgeous green turquoise color, providing both durability and a ore aesthetic. Each pair is a reminder of our commitment to the nature, reflecting Jefoo inspiration and dedication to preserving natural environments.

    Unbreakable Durability Promised

    Jefoo unbreakable sunglasses are constructed from premium materials, providing a combination of lightweight feelings and robust durability. Jefoo non-slip nose pads accessories are designed to be comfortable and skin-friendly. You will get air-feel wearing experience although all day using a fishing trip or taking part in other outdoor activities. These Jefoo sunglasses are your a reliable companion. 

    Ultimate Eye Protection

    Jefoo sunglasses are coating with hydrophobic materials, which are saltwater-resistant and protect your beloved mirrored lenses from corrosion. The colorful coating of Jefoo Lenses can restore real color, diminish scattered light, and offer optimal eye protection, making them indispensable for any fishing adventure. Discover the advantage of superior visibility with Jefoo best-polarized fishing sunglasses.

    Stylish Fishing Sunglasses Magenta Turquoise JF139 Specifications:

    Weight 18.2g
    Lens width:  50mm
    Bridge: 18mm
    Arm length: 138mm
    Material: TR90 frames, TAC Polarized lens
    UV400 protection coating
    Color: Magenta Turquoise


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