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Trendy Flat Top Sunglasses · Darling Buds JF159

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    Venture into a domain of enigmatic elegance and vibrant hues with Jefoo Darling Buds sunglasses. Crafted with a refreshing mint green frame, reminiscent of a budding leaf, these sunglasses are a tribute to nature’s renewal. The mirrored purple and orange lenses create a fabulous juxtaposition, not only guarding your eyes by blocking harmful UV rays but also enhancing the vividness of your surroundings. The flat-top design, oversized yet feather-light, offers both modern style and practical protection. Just as the "darling buds of may" bring a fleeting beauty in Shakespeare’s sonnet, these sunglasses promise to add a touch of eternal summer to your every gaze.

    Minty Fresh Style

    These sunglasses with a frame in green mint with turcos texture, evoke the serenity of a gentle summer’s day. The stylish one-piece mirrored lens, adorned with hues of hot pink and tangerine, mirrors the vibrant colors of rosy clouds of dawn. The oversized square frame design subtly accentuates facial features, offering a taste of retro charm with contemporary glamour.

    Sunlit Serenity Shield

    Our shades provide UV400 protection, shielding your eyes and skin from hazardous UVA and UVB rays. Like the sun’s warmth captured in the eternal lines of a sonnet, these lenses ensure a clear and comfortable vision even in the brightest sunlight. The HD polarized mirrored lenses diminish glare, offering a serene visual experience. Whether you’re pedaling through a sunlit pathway or jogging along a breezy trail, these sunglasses are your ideal companion.

    Enduring Fashion Flair

    With a special design that stands the test of time, these lightweight shades are the epitome of trend. The oversized frames, made from high-quality TR 90 plastic, feature anti-corrosion hinges and adjustable arms that add a touch of durability and comfort. Breathable and soft nose pads ensure a comfortable fit for any nose, making them as gentle as a lover’s whisper. 

    Elegance Enhanced

    These vintage sunglasses are as popular as the changing seasons. Ideal for outdoor sports, parties, driving, or traveling. They add an element of elegance to your outfit. They can be served as thoughtful gifts, much like a poem, and can brighten someone’s day and bring joy year-round. These flat-top sunglasses mix fashion and function effortlessly, ensuring that wherever you go, you carry with you these darling buds shades.

    Impact-Resistant Quality

    The polarized lenses of these sunglasses are made from premium impact-resistant material, offering a strong shield against scratches and glare. Just as artworks dispel the harshness of reality, these lenses block ashes and flying bugs when cycling, fishing, or simply enjoying the sunshine. These sunglasses are not just an accessory but a testament to enduring beauty and functionality, ideal for both men and women.

    Trendy Flat Top Sunglasses Darling Buds JF159 Specifications:

    Weight 28.2g
    Lens width:  59mm
    Bridge: 20mm
    Arm length:


    Material: TR90 frames, TAC Polarized lens
    UV400 protection coating
    Color: Darling Buds

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